Ipswich Community Wind Band

Code of Conduct:
(effective from 24th April 2013)

Band Engagements:

1. Uniform
At engagements Members are required to wear the ICWB uniform consisting of:-
• black shoes
• black trousers (or skirts for ladies)
• white shirt/blouse with collar, black bow tie (men only)
• Band jacket (Band Green) or if the member does not have one, a black jacket (men) or black cardigan (ladies)

2. Music Stands
When requested Members should use the Band music stands in order to display the ICWB banners.

3. Attendance
All Members are expected to take part in a minimum of 50% of Band engagements unless otherwise agreed with the Musical Director.
Sheet Music:

• Only pencil should be used to mark in musical directions
• Music should not be folded (aside from folds made in the original production of the music)
• Holes should not be punched in the music
• Music should not be stapled
• Music should not be cut to size to fit, for example, A4 plastic sheets
• If copying music to facilitate a page turn this should not be sellotaped or glued to the original music

The above applies to all music distributed to the Band Member but is particularly important in respect of music borrowed from other bands or the library. We are expected to return music in no worse condition then when it was borrowed – failure to do so could result in the Band being asked to pay to replace music.

Where a Member knows he/she will not be attending a rehearsal his/her music should be left in the Band store or with another Band Member unless otherwise agreed with the Musical Director.
Band Practice – attendance:

All members are expected to be free to attend a minimum of 75% of practice sessions unless otherwise agreed with the Musical Director.


All prospective Members, Members, and Members' children attending rehearsals and/or engagements are expected to behave in a lawful manner which reflects favourably on the Band and does not bring it into disrepute.